Activities & Results

Education and Outreach

Depave strives to provide useful, technical information to promote the benefits of pavement removal and empower others to take action. Our ‘How To’ and ‘Post Depave’ Guides are a wealth of information garnered from our experiences in the art of depaving.

Demonstration Events

The projects Depave undertakes are grand examples of the creative urban amendments that are possible. A whole lot of passion goes into our events in order to inspire and promote Depave techniques and philosophies. Depaving is a fairly simple, yet super high-impact tactic; and we’ll help you get started.


Depave is involved as an advocate for increased access to community gardens and greenspaces, as well as reduced impervious surfaces in new public projects, through local partnerships for policy-change. Because today’s civil codes are geared toward building infrastructure, not dismantling it, depaving projects can be challenging and costly. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to rip up the asphalt and free the soil!


Over 123,000 square feet of asphalt depaved!

Over 2,875,317 gallons of stormwater diverted from storm drains annually due to these projects.



  • Greenspaces created: eight
  • Volunteers engaged: 500
  • Total area depaved: 13,000 square feet
  • Sustainable schoolyards: three
  • Green plaza: one
  • Community gardens: two
  • Raingardens: two


  • Greenspaces created: five
  • Volunteers engaged: 350
  • Total area depaved: 8,100 square feet
  • Parking Forest Pilot: one
  • Sustainable schoolyards: two
  • Raingardens: three


  • Greenspaces created: four
  • Volunteers engaged: 300
  • Total area depaved: 7,500 square feet (+ 2 acres)
  • Sustainable schoolyards: two
  • Raingardens: three


  • Greenspaces created: eight
  • Volunteers engaged: 450+
  • Total area depaved: 36,000 square feet
  • Community garden plots created: fifty
  • Sustainable schoolyards: three
  • Raingardens: six


  • Greenspaces created: five
  • Volunteers engaged: 250
  • Total area depaved: 22,000 square feet
  • Community garden plots created: twenty five
  • Sustainable schoolyards: three


  • Greenspaces created: six
  • Volunteers engaged: 275
  • Total area depaved: 29,300 square feet
  • Community garden plots created: sixty five
  • Sustainable schoolyards: three


  • Greenspaces created: two
  • Volunteers engaged: 150
  • Total area depaved: 5,000 square feet
  • Community food forests: one
  • Sustainable schoolyards: one


  • Greenspaces created: three
  • Volunteers engaged: 35
  • Total area depaved: 1,800 square feet

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