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June 5, 2010  |  Work

With the help of over 100 volunteers, the first site of Depave Summer 2010 in conjunction with City Repair’s Village Building Convergence was a blast! New Day School is a non-profit which provides universal, non-denominational education for preschoolers and kindergartners. Removing the asphalt at the side will allow them to expand their food production area and their playscape area.




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  1. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve helped with a lot of volunteer projects. Over 100, in 88 different neighborhoods, since I started keeping track in 2004. So it’s not an uninformed comment that I want to tell you: the organization of the De-paving event today was simply outstanding. Plenty for everyone to do, but not too much for any one. Tasks that allowed volunteers flexibility to improvise, and some that only required tracking the routine. Healthy food and donuts. Entertainment and art. Provision for physical comfort in shade structures, tables, chairs. Safety equipment (some borrowed – a nice touch), a safety talk that was inclusive without being tedious or belittling. Even sunscreen! All done with genuine smiles and a great spirit of togetherness. If I were one of the visitors from Mexico, Brasil, Australia, or Europe, who I helped sign in today, I’d already be thinking Portland is paradise despite our paving. Since I’m me, I feel revived in seeing the Portland spirit in action. We certainly have challenges, but no one has to fix our problems alone.

    I am very impressed with what you did to prepare for and get the job done today, and I had a blast. Thank you for welcoming me. Congratulations on an amazing project, implemented flawlessly!


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