Renew the earth.
Renew the earth.

Work at Depave!

April 15, 2015  |  News

We’re looking for a super hero to join our small team – Check it out and apply by May 4th!


Depave Project & Volunteer Coordinator

Half time, semi-permanent position


April 15th, 2015

Depave is a unique nonprofit organization, based in Portland, that promotes the transformation of over-paved places. We engage and inspire communities to reconnect urban spaces to nature through cutting-edge landscape intervention. We work with public and private schools, communities of faith, and community-centered businesses or nonprofits to remove asphalt and replace it with gardens, playgrounds, bioswales and community green spaces that reduce stormwater pollution and support environmental education, natureplay, and urban agriculture.

Depave currently has one full-time staff member and is seeking to hire an additional half-time position.
This position may grow into full-time, but probably not within the first year.

This Coordinator will serve a key role with a diverse range of responsibilities to advance Depave’s work within the Portland region.


The two major priorities for this position will be:

  • Coordinating community depaving projects from start to finish, including:
    • working with board, volunteers, and partner organizations to find good sites (which include enthusiastic landowners)
    • working with landowners, community partners, and design volunteers to develop site plans
    • securing permits
    • planning and executing effective community and media outreach and promotion
    • ordering plants and other site development materials
    • coordinating all aspects of “event days,” including cutting, depaving, and planting events
  • Engaging volunteers at multiple levels
    • day-of-event-only volunteers
    • repeat-event volunteers, who become “crew leaders”
    • project planning volunteers

Additional duties will include:

  • Committee Support – attend meetings of, and work with, Depave’s “Projects” and  “Education” committees
  • Fundraising Assistance – help with fundraising events, grant-writing, and donor/sponsor engagement


Required Qualifications

  • An outgoing, enthusiastic, people-oriented personality, with the ability to work primarily independent
  • Strong drive, initiative and commitment
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office and Google docs, and to learn other computer skills as needed
  • Demonstrated experience leading volunteers
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate multifaceted projects with a strong focus on collaboration
  • A genuine desire to reach out and engage the community surrounding each project
  • The ability to lift at least 30 pounds and perform manual labor, including frequent moving of tools and equipment and operation of power tools (concrete saw: Depave will provide instruction.)
  • The ability to think visually, and to read, understand, and draft project designs and site plans
  • A valid drivers license and clean driving record
  • Extremely reliable, trustworthy, and responsive


Highly Desired Additional Knowledge, Skills, or Experience: (any or all)

  • Prior paid work in the nonprofit sector
  • Experience with landscaping or design
  • AutoCad or Adobe Illustrator
  • Knowledge of pacific northwest plants, ecology, and watershed health
  • Experience with any types of fundraising (grants, events, corporate, individual)
  • Competency in a language other than English relevant to the Portland Metro area
  • Experience with Environmental Justice work, and/or connections to the Portland communities or community organizations in areas that have the least greenspace


Compensation, Duration, & Details

  • Starting wage of $15/hour for 20 hours per week.
    Weekly and seasonal work hours may flex slightly up or down.
  • Regular weekend (Saturday) work is required during the summer and fall project season.  Approximately two evening meetings per month will also be required, and candidates must have some daytime availability to schedule meetings with Depave Program Director and project partners.  Work schedule is otherwise flexible.
  • Benefits include: $100 monthly health stipend, $80 monthly phone/computer/internet stipend to supply your own, two weeks paid vacation (pro-rated).
  • Owning a personal vehicle in order to travel to project sites across the Portland metro area will be very helpful but is not required. Mileage reimbursement is provided for necessary travel to meetings and events.
  • Depave does not have an office or plan to get one. Until such time, this position requires the ability to most often work independently from home (with weekly staff-collaboration time). If the candidate has their own computer, phone and internet service, our preference is to pay a stipend toward the cost of those, and not supply them. However, we can make other arrangements if that is a barrier.



By May 4th (or sooner!), please send one pdf that includes a resume, contact information and relation for three references, and a letter explaining how you meet the required and desired qualifications listed above to Please also explain how half-time work will fit into your life and schedule.

Nominate a Site or Submit a Proposal for 2016

Nominate a Site or Submit a Proposal for 2016

February 15, 2015  |  News

We’re on the hunt for great candidate sites to depave and regreen in the Portland Metro area.

Depave projects typically take about a year to plan, fund and implement, so we are now seeking sites for the 2016 summer-fall season.

Proposal don’t need to be fully developed at this early stage, and are due by August 2015.

If you know of a place badly in need of more greenspace, and you have permission to depave from the property owner, please tell us about your vision for the space.

Click here to learn more and submit your site!

Please note: We work with a variety of groups – such as public and private schools, churches, and other community-based groups to remove pavement and create new greenspaces for use by the surrounding neighborhood. We don’t perform private/residential improvements that are not publicly accessible.

Don’t have a project proposal, but want to see more green in your neighborhood?
Suggest a project location, and we’ll look into it.

Join the Crew

Join the Crew

January 1, 2015  |  News

Do you want to do more to help Depave?  Interested in learning about opportunities to volunteer using your brain instead of your body?

We’re always seeking new volunteers to help behind the scenes in our four committees:

  • Projects Planning & Implementation Committee – learn more
  • Advocacy & Partnerships Committee – learn more
  • Education & Outreach Committee – learn more

Some key positions we’re looking to fill include:

  • depaving and planting crew leaders – learn more about Crew Leading here
  • designers (signage, projects, media)
  • creatives (project art and event fun)
  • teachers (project curriculum)
  • outreach and social media team members
  • community representatives for advocacy

Please contact program staff Eric Rosewall, if you’re interested in any of the above (or any other) opportunities.

2014 Season Kickoff Party

2014 Season Kickoff Party

June 4, 2014  |  News

Need some refreshments after the North Portland Sunday Parkways event on June 22nd? Join Depave and friends for a relaxing garden party social at Peninsula Park Commons, just 1 block off the Sunday Parkways route and across the street from Peninsula Park. We will have tasty microbrews on tap as well as other light refreshments. A suggested donation of $5-10/cup (sliding scale) will help support Depave’s 2014 projects.

We’ll keep it mellow so you have time to catch up with old friends or make new ones. We will also be honoring Bob Sallinger of Portland Audubon for his twin grand victories this year: leading a diverse partnership to defeat the Portland Water District Initiative, and stopping the Port of Portland’s fifteen year bid to develop West Hayden Island. There is a lot less pavement and more healthy greenspaces in our community thanks to Bob. Please join us to raise a toast in his honor!

Help us make sure we have enough food and drink by RSVPing here.

Hope to see you on June 22nd!

Community + Design, Powered by PechaKucha - Oct 8th

Community + Design, Powered by PechaKucha – Oct 8th

June 1, 2014  |  News

We’ve teamed up with PechaKucha Portland and the American Society of Landscape Architects for Portland Design Week happening October 4-11, for the return of our Community + Design Showcase, powered by PechaKucha. We’re celebrating local efforts to integrate design and community by hosting a series PechaKucha style presentations across the spectrum of design disciplines. What is PechaKucha? It’s the art of concise presentations. A pechakucha presentation is 20 images that advance automatically every 20 seconds for a fast-paced, fun, presentation. It is about the project and the delivery!

Please Join Us!

When: Wednesday October 8th, 6:15-7:30pm Where: Earth Advantage – 623 SW Oak Street, Third Floor, PDX, OR   Presentations by


Online Ticketing for Community + Design Pecha Kucha powered by Eventbrite
Depave Opposes Water District Initiative

Depave Opposes Water District Initiative

November 1, 2013  |  News

Protect Portland’s Clean Water

Depave urges you to VOTE NO on the Portland Public Water District Initiative on the May 2014 ballot.


A diverse coalition of community groups is coming together to encourage Portlanders to vote NO on a May 2014 initiative to strip control of the water and environmental services from Portland City Council and give them to a new special district.

To learn more about this coalition and join the campaign, see the campaign website here.

stop the Bull Run takeover

 - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Please consider supporting the Stop the Bull Run Takeover Political Action Committee by donating!Your financial support of $5, $10, or more will make a huge impact on the campaign’s ability to combat this corporate-funded initiative. Donate here.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Why vote NO?

We don’t need another layer of government. Accountability and transparency will decrease, not increase. The new 7-member board will be elected on 3-year terms, some during off-year elections. How many people know their library, utility, and conservation district commissioners?

It is risky and there is too much uncertainty. Some $15 billion in public assets – including control of the precious Bull Run watershed – will be transferred to the new special district. Are we ready to give away control of our public water to a faceless commission with no track record? The cost burden for Superfund cleanup of Portland Harbor could shift to the City’s general fund and some fear this will jeopardize the City’s municipal bond rating.

Your water and sewer rates may go up even more. Initiative backers want to reduce the water and sewer rates for large industrial customers and shift the cost burden onto small businesses and residential customers. Initiative backers have raised at least $155,000 in cash from big water users and polluters like Siltronic, Portland Bottling Company, and rental property managers.

The proposal is flawed and confusing. The initiative proposes new water district board member zones that exclude east Portland, disenfranchising about 20% of water-sewer customers. East Portlanders would not be able to vote on their new water district commissioners but would be subject to water and sewer rates set by the new board. Many individuals would be banned from election to the new board, including: anyone who has ever worked or volunteered with the City on water or environmental issue, individuals previously elected to the board, or anyone with a paid job!

Portlanders are proud of our clean water. These same initiative backers are suing the City and have attacked the City’s innovative clean water programs. They refuse to acknowledge that these programs are cost effective and sometimes cheaper than traditional water and sewer pipe systems. They continue to falsely allege that the City wants to give away its water system to private corporations. Portlander’s are proud of the City’s history of innovative watershed management and we can demand greater fiscal responsibility without this faulty proposed fix.

Groups Opposing the Water District Initiative

Audubon Society of Portland
Oregon Wild
East Portland Action Plan
League of Women Voters of Portland
Sierra Club
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens
Willamette Riverkeeper
WaterWatch of Oregon
Lents Neighborhood Association
Climate Solutions
Portland Firefighters Association
Friends of Trees
Trust for Public Land
Northwest Environmental Advocates
Coalition for a Livable Future
Urban Greenspaces Institute
Oregon Environmental Council
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Food and Water Watch
Friends of Gateway Green
Northwest Environmental Advocates
Zenger Farm
Oregon AFL-CIO
LIUNA (Laborers) Local 483
Northwest Oregon Labor Council
AFSCME Local 328
AFSCME Local 3336
AFSCME Local 88-Multnomah County
Onward Oregon
Professional & Technical Employees, Local 17, City of Portland Professional Employees Association
Oregon Consumer League
Hayden Island Livability Project
District Council of Trade Unions- City of Portland
AFSCME Local 3135
Sandy River Basin Watershed Council
AFSCME Local 189


Want to get involved? Email Ted

To learn more, see:

Portland Water/Sewer District Overview from the Audubon Society of Portland

The Intertwine Alliance Blog – Outside Voice – Don’t sign that petition!

Portland water, sewer spending would have new oversight model under 2014 ballot initiative

City water rate fight turns green

Who will represent east Portland in proposed utility district? Judge doesn’t know

KBOO Interview with Bob Salinger and Mike Houck