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Know of the perfect place to depave?

Depave is continually seeking new partnerships with schools and churches in underserved neighborhoods. We are also very interested in sites with potential for restoration of native ecosystems like wetlands, streams, riparian forests, and oak-prairie environments. Since our volunteer base is centered in Portland, Oregon we actively seek projects in the close-in metropolitan area but will also consider good projects on the suburban fringe.

Site hosts are critical to making a Depave event and a depaved site a success. We only work with sites where strong community engagement, a post-depaving vision, and a solid stewardship plan for the future greenspace exists. Site hosts help link Depave to the local community that will offer stewardship to a site over the long-term. In the short term, site hosts provide Depave with a link to this community and help Depave plan a successful event.

Please understand that it may take time to bring your vision to reality. Depave is largely coordinated by volunteers who care about the earth and love ripping up asphalt. As such, we are only able to host/assist with 8-12 depaving events per season. An ideal time frame to begin planning your depave is 6 months in advance of your target depave date. For large sites that require funding assistance from Depave, or which have complicated zoning or permitting issues (e.g. raingarden installations, stormwater retrofits, conditional-use status, or party sewers), contact us at least a year in advance.

The first step is to fill out our Site Assessment Form below. This will provide us with some basic information about your project, in order to determine how Depave can help you achieve your vision. Contact us if your group is seeking limited project support – like guidance or a tool loan.

Our project selection for the 2014 season is closed.

We’re currently accepting proposals for project development, design, fund raising, and event production assistance for summer 2015 – application deadline is August 31st, 2014.

If you are seeking a smaller degree of support, such as a tool loan or process consultation, please email us.


Note: If your project is on the property of Portland Public Schools, please complete a Project Development Request form before submitting your proposal to Depave.

Note: Depave has a soil testing policy. This requires $300-$400 from project partners to perform (post-selection) in order to move forward with planning the project. Check out the documents to the right –>

Please see form submittal confirmation message at the top of the page.


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