Depave Crew



Katya Reyna – Project & Volunteer Coordinator

Katya grew up in Oak Park, Illinois and studied urban planning at University of Illinois at Chicago. She moved to Oregon in 2016 and attended University of Oregon where she earned a Master of Landscape Architecture degree. She has served and led with multiple community organizations including the RARE program, Latino Outdoors, Denver Sustainable Food & Policy Council, and Mexican Students de Aztlan. Through her work and research, Katya strives to be an advocate for people who do not have a say in what happens to their external environment. She strongly supports active community engagement and believes green spaces should empower & reflect the values of the communities they serve. She is a native Spanish-speaker and in her spare time, she enjoys swimming, rafting, playing soccer & trying to identify every plant and tree she sees. Katya heads up the project committee and excited to further engage with community partners. Contact Katya


Board of Directors

Teresa Huntsinger – President

Teresa is an environmental professional with more than 15 years of nonprofit experience working at the Coalition for a Livable Future and Oregon Environmental Council. She followed her passion for urban water resources and green design by pursuing an environmental engineering masters degree at Portland State University and currently works as a Water Resources Designer at Otak, Inc. She has served on the board of Johnson Creek Watershed Council and she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo, West Africa. Teresa joined the Depave board in November 2015. Contact Teresa

Lisa Huntington – Vice President

Lisa, born and raised in southeast Michigan, ventured out the Pacific Northwest in 2012. She is currently working for the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services. Her professional experience as a water resources engineer includes watershed management, river engineering and sustainable stormwater management design. While looking for work in Portland, Lisa joined Depave to make a positive difference in the health of the community’s watersheds and has since realized that the group’s mission goes well beyond environmental benefits. As a graduate of Michigan State University, she spends lots of time watching college basketball (Go Green!) and enjoys knitting, hiking and a good IPA. Contact Lisa

Steve Dukes – Treasurer

Steve was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is a veteran, writer, producer, and entertainer. For over 10 years, he was a small business owner and has been an actor for almost as long. Since moving to Portland in 2016 he built a presence in the Portland comedy community as an improviser and host, while also contributing time to nonprofit organizations such as the Community Cycling Center. Steve recently founded a nonprofit called Art for Art, which uses proceeds from the sale of artwork to support the creation of more art. When he is not on stage or in front of a camera, Steve can be found watching a good improv show or roaming around a local park enjoying the beautiful Oregon rain. Steve is expected to rip up pavement, meet a bunch of great people, and learn about native plants.  Contact Steve

Quisa Reyes – Secretary

Quisa grew up in El Paso, Texas and studied architecture at University of Texas at San Antonio. She moved to Portland in 2013 to attend the Masters Program in Architecture at the University of Oregon, known for its focus on urban design and sustainability. It was during architecture school that she learned about the negative impacts of impervious surfaces such as the urban heat island effect and increased flooding in communities. She found out about Depave through word of mouth and wanted to get involved to make a difference. In 2017 she became a Crew Leader and is excited to help spread the word about the benefits of depaving. In her spare time, Quisa enjoys long walks with her dogs, yoga, good beer, and biking around the city. Contact Quisa

Danny Kapsch

A self-proclaimed stormwater geek, Danny has worked as a stormwater professional for the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services for over 10 years. Prior to his stint with the city, Danny worked in the private sector on stream, wetland and natural area restoration projects. Danny first connected with Depave through his work with the city, and is excited to further his local impact serving on the board of directors. Raised in the Portland area (go Blazers!) with Minnesota roots (Skol Vikings!), Danny likes to spend his free time with his family hiking and camping and enjoying the outdoors. Contact Danny

Ted Labbe

Ted is a habitat biologist who works on land use policy and fish and wildlife conservation. He has worked for Indian Tribes, nonprofit organizations, as well as Oregon and Washington departments of Fish and Wildlife. Ted is a native Oregonian and enjoys running wild rivers, backpacking, trail running, gardening, botanizing, and destroying pavement. He has witnessed first-hand the devastating impacts of stormwater on downstream aquatic habitats. He has been instrumental in permitting projects, raingarden design, grant-writing, organizing volunteers and working with contractors. Ted heads up Depave’s policy working group. Contact Ted

Jean Sung

Jean is a Health Educator at Multnomah County Environmental Health Services. Her education is in Public Health with a focus on Environmental Health. She has experience working with various diverse non-profit advocacy community groups such as Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon where she found her passion for social justice and environmental justice. She has high hopes to work through different avenues to achieve equity for all members of society through a human-centered design lens. During her free time, she enjoys climbing, experimenting with food, and is a map enthusiast. Contact Jean

Rachel Burr

Rachel grew up in Idaho, but moved to Oregon 30 years ago.  With an intense desire to save the planet, Rachel earned a four-year degree in General Science at the University of Oregon in 1993, and then a   degree in Environmental Science in 1998. Apparently, she could not decide what part of the environment to save. Since graduating, Rachel has been a public employee working for the US Forest Service, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality; the City of Eugene and is now employed at Clean Water Services. Each agency was a unique experience with the work always centered on, stormwater management and watershed restoration. Rachel volunteers for several NFP including, Nature Conservancy, Water for People, Surfriders Foundation and of course Depave.  In her free time, Rachel travels around with her Volkswagen Vanagon family, works on her streamside property, and loves to walk and hike with her two dogs. Contact Rachel

Carlos Nuñez – Board Member Emeritus

Carlos Nuñez was born and raised in Mexico and moved to Portland at age 14. Carlos attended Eastern Michigan University on a swimming scholarship, where he majored in business and minored in French literature. As he says, “Six years were enough to realize my heart lies in the Pacific Northwest!’ Carlos works at his family’s business OCIN as a Court Interpreter, where he helps people communicate in Spanish and English. “I found Depave through Service Portland and I fell in love with breaking asphalt and seeing a finished product.” In addition to his involvement with Depave, Carlos serves as Head Coach for the Washington County Special Olympics and is a board member for Cultural Coalition of Washington County. Carlos is also working on starting a paddle boat rental business called “What’s up Yonder.” In 2019, Carlos stepped down from the board to embark on an exciting and indefinite adventure to Southeast Asia. Contact Carlos

Eric Rosewall – Executive Director Emeritus

Hailing from West Michigan, Eric joined the crew as the fledgling group’s media manager in 2009 after completing a degree in landscape architecture at the University of Oregon. He went on to manage over sixty depaving projects and take on oversight of Depave – building it into a widely recognized leader in grassroots urban greening. In 2017, Eric stepped down from the helm of the organization to build Portland Parks & Recreation’s Ecologically Sustainable Landscapes Program and remains active with Depave. Contact Eric


The Founders

Arif Khan founded Depave in 2007. He has a combined Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and engineering and a masters’ degree in urban and regional planning. His professional experience has included stints as a workplace safety consultant, bicycle and pedestrian transportation planner, and most recently as a project coordinator for disaster relief programs around the world. He became obsessed with depaving after moving into a home in northeast Portland in 2001 which had a back yard that was completely paved over. Attracted to the opportunity for destruction, he looked at this as a wonderful way to transform a dead space designed for car storage into an urban oasis filled with herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits, and native plants. Now, he harvests figs, plums, apples, persimmons, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, and various vegetables and herbs from his old driveway.

Kasandra Griffin launched Depave with Arif Khan (see Depave Alumni) in 2007-8, and then took a two-year sabbatical while she earned a Masters in Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley. She returned in the fall of 2011 and has served on the Board ever since, first as Treasurer, then as Vice President, now as an “at large” member. Kasandra is the Executive Director of the Community Cycling Center, which works to broaden access to bicycling.  In the year 2000, she and Arif and some other friends did their first depaving project, when they tore down a dilapidated garage in her backyard and jack hammered the foundation; the garden that has been there ever since produces lots of asparagus, kale, tomatoes and dahlias.