Depave promotes the transformation of over-paved places to overcome the social and environmental impacts of pavement. We engage communities and reconnect urban landscapes to nature through action-oriented projects, education, advocacy and stewardship.


Livable cities where people and wildlife coexist and prosper amidst clean air, clean water, robust urban forests, thriving local agriculture, and engaged communities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement

Depave as an organization acknowledges that the adverse social and environmental effects of
pavement disproportionately impact people of color and low-income communities. As a result,
Depave is committed to actively seeking out and partnering with schools, churches, and other
community-based organizations that serve people of color and low-income communities.

Depave as an organization seeks to preserve and bolster human dignity with its work and is
committed to honoring diversity in our community through a collaborative and culturally-sensitive
approach. Depave believes that cultivating diversity as part of our work contributes to the
strength and resilience of communities.


The Community — Engagement | Community | Empowerment

We engage and connect diverse groups through the experience of transforming lifeless places into vibrant, livable neighborhood spaces. Our community projects not only integrate the built and natural environments, but also weave a social fabric that inspires civic engagement.

Depave empowers community members to change their surroundings from pavement to thriving landscapes that bring people together, foster stewardship, increase safety, augment play and learning spaces, provide places to grow food, capture stormwater and add to the urban tree canopy.

The Environment — Environment | Stewardship

We implement projects and advocate for urban green spaces that reduce stormwater pollution and improve water quality; foster native habitats; cool our cities and mitigate the impacts of climate change; and create neighborhood spaces that are safe, engaging and beautiful. The changes we catalyze create thriving living spaces that inspire environmental and human connection.

The Way We Work — Teamwork | Fun

We achieve a positive, lasting impact through hands-on teamwork and collaboration. We love using our bodies to accomplish our transformations together – it is energizing, celebratory, and gratifying!


The problem is “concrete.” Paved surfaces contribute to stormwater pollution, whereby rainwater carries toxic urban pollutants to local streams and rivers, greatly degrading water quality and riparian habitats. Pavement also disconnects us from our natural world.

The solution is clear. The removal of impervious pavements will reduce stormwater pollution and increase the amount of land available for habitat restoration, urban farming, trees, native vegetation, and beauty, thus providing us with greater connections to the natural world.


  • Provide information, inspiration, and technical assistance to those wishing to remove pavement.
  • Educate the public about the benefits of pavement removal.
  • Advocate to minimize and/or reduce the amount of impervious pavement in public construction and repair projects.
  • Promote responsible and creative reuse and recycling of concrete and asphalt.
  • Provide an opportunity for greater connection with the natural world.