We’re pioneering asphalt art! That’s right, in preparation for the great big community celebration of this future greenspace coming up on July 28th, we’re starting to rewild Baltimore Woods with an ecological art project.

The Plan:

  1. Depave the word W I L D – check
  2. Seed the word with native grasses
  3. June-July
  • Watch the grass grow and the word get wild
  • Take daily photos using remote cameras 60′ above the lot
  • Have community members contribute fun colorful items to the canvas, changing daily
  • Depave: free the word as a part of the community event and let it spread out into the landscape
     When it’s all finished, and the site is restored as a native oak prairie late next fall, we’ll work the time      lapse images into a movie to tell a fun story of the space.
     Many thanks to tree climber Robert Bundy for installing the time lapse cameras and Dan Dancer for            coming up with the idea and making the movie. Check out Dan’s website Art For The Sky
     Special thanks to Tre Arrow and Jason Torres-Morrow, both tree climbers who are helping with         camera maintenance over the summer.

See more photos of the project in progress here!!!