Depave Curriculum & Education

Depaving involves many environmental elements that can be used in and outside of the classroom to engage students it a depaving or regreening project. We’ve gathered these resources to help you teach about topics like: the effects of stormwater pollution and benefits of permeable surfaces, the urban heat-island effect, the impact of trees and urban nature.

Depaving 101

– download the lesson

Depaving and Watershed Health

– download the lesson

Critters in the Urban Environment

– download the lesson

Doing the Depave Math

– Caluclating area, volume, stromwater. download the lesson

Field Trip

– Take a tour of nearby stormwater facilities or greenspaces


Making it Fun 🙂

Engage students young and younger in your garden project with a fun and educational activity – here’s a few ideas.

Rain Art by Rainworks using NeverWet

Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Stormwater Come Over. Same game, with an environmental twist.

Something else fun


Other Depave-related Educational Resources

– you tube videos etc.

– you tube videos etc.