Even though the groundhog cast his shadow on February 2nd predicting six more weeks of winter, we at Depave have been very busy with Depave projects and our plans for the upcoming summer!

Fargo Garden Update

We are continuing our work on the Fargo Garden site at N Williams and NE Fargo! Thank you to all the volunteers who came out in the fall to help build the fence! We are currently finalizing plans for a gate design and an information sign! We are also finalizing our landscaping and planting plans, and submitting our ‘site development’ permit application. In order to make the most of the winter planting season, we would like to have one or more work parties in March. If you are interested in participating, please contact Maren at marenmurphy (at) gmail (dot) com. An additional invite will also be sent to this list when we have dates chosen.

Depave Summer Opportunities

Since last summer’s depaving event at Fargo Garden, we’ve had a great deal of interest for more depaving events and appreciate all the support and energy from our volunteers! We have some information about our Depave Summer we’d like to share and some great opportunities to get involved on helping to plan and implement our summer projects!

Our first step to this awesome Depave Summer is to narrow down the sites to the best that will promote Depave’s mission. We must review all the site proposals, develop site selection criteria, and then visit each site to assess the site conditions and project applicability to Depave. To help accomplish this, we need a few Depave volunteers who are interested in the planning and site selection aspect of Depave to join us for one of two activities (or both!) in the coming weeks:

Site Planning Meeting: this meeting will review written material about potential Summer of Depave sites and develop criteria for site selection.

Date/Time: Friday, February 13, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm, at 5th Quadrant on N Williams and NE Failing St.

Site Selection Tour: this tour will visit each potential Depave Summer site selected by the site planning meeting and use the site selection criteria to assess the potential sites. This will be an all day affair!

Date/Time: Sunday, February 22, noon – 5pm with happy hour recap to follow at 5th Quadrant on N Williams and NE Failing St.

If you are interested in participating in either or both, RSVP to Maren at marenmurphy (at ) gmail (dot) com. We know there are some of you out there who really want to get more involved and help shape and further Depave’s efforts, and this is a great opportunity to do so!

In addition to these meetings, we will also be looking for site coordinators for the Depave Summer to help coordinate depaving, food, permits, media, music/art, first aid, etc. If you are interested in becoming a Depave Summer site coordinator, please try to attend one or both meetings listed above. If you cannot attend, contact Maren. Information about the actual depaving will come in the next few months, so if all you really want to do is depave, then make sure to look out for that in your email!

Graphic Designer Needed

And finally, one more opportunity! We are looking for someone with graphic design skills to help us prepare a ‘How to Depave’ Resource Guide for distribution. If you have graphic design skills and you want to help, please contact Hindi at hinde (at) cityrepair (dot) org.