Since January, we’ve been collaborating with an awesome group of new pry bar champions coordinated by Cuyahoga River Restoration to get the Depave Northeast Ohio program in the ground. DepaveNEO is now the third cohort of our Depave Network training program. Congratulations are in order!

Executive Director, Eric Rosewall, followed up an online wheelbarrow + shovel show with a visit to Cleveland to meet the graduating class and help out on Depave NEO’s pilot project. The NEO Crew—future greenspace project coordinators from a diverse group of partner orgs and agencies around Ohio—got to get their hands dirty and their feet (well everything really) wet. But the rain certainly couldn’t keep this bunch down. Despite the soggy conditions and the unusually super thick pavement, we had a total blast together!

The small but impactful project, at Ross DeJohn Community Center and Recreational Park in Mayfield Heights, made for a perfect first pry for DepaveNEO. Over the course a weekend in May, pavement was smashed and a new greener space emerged from the rubble. The city and park staff came out in force to support the effort with tools, materials, skilled staff, machinery, and they even through in the mayor for an hour! The resulting linear three green strips in the parking lot were planted with a variety of native plants and trees.

Many thanks to Jane and Nichole at CRR for their dedication and leadership to the DepaveNEO program and the environment of their region. And, thank you to all the inspiring new members of the the Depave family for their hospitality and hard work – you are all impressive rock stars. Good luck on your greenspaces!

Next up, Depave Tennessee completes training with us here in Portland at the end of June!

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