Ambitious depavers seeking lonely, neglected asphalt and concrete surfaces!

This is for all you depavers, and Depave friends out there!

We are currently seeking candidate sites for Depave Summer 2010 and beyond. We want to know which empty asphalt and concrete surfaces you would like to see removed in the Portland area.

Fill us in on those areas you want converted into gardens, natural spaces, backyard bird habitats, bioswales, or whatever you can dream up. If you would like to see that asphalt go, we would like to make that happen!

In order to let us know about your sites, please fill out our site nomination form. The form is embedded in a small window entitled “Help Us Get Rid of Some More Parking Lots.” Please fill in with as much detail as possible, but don’t worry if you must leave some areas blank. We can research and fill those details in later.

We are looking forward to another successful year full of depaving!