Parents, high school students, and neighbors came out in full force to remove 700 square feet of hefty, double-thick pavement at the Eastham Community Center, Depave‚Äôs first project in Oregon City! Working diligently as the day warmed up, the crew cleared the way for an outdoor classroom and bioswale. Working alongside the energetic depavers, volunteers from the Carpenters Local Union 1503 built garden boxes that will be installed in the new outdoor classroom and kiddos got involved at the activity stations. Great work, team!

On October 17th, motivated students from the Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences Interact/Student Government class and community members came out to create and plant the bioswale and native plant gardens at the Eastham Community Center. The crew learned proper planting technique to really bring the space to life! The new outdoor classroom space now features native plants, gravel, custom fencing and planter boxes with benches, and a rain garden.