Over here at Depave, we are very excited for our final project of the season. While there are many reasons for our excitement, here are just three of them:

The Partner

Depave is nothing without its inspiring and motivated partners, and the M&M Marketplace is just that. It is a market in the vein of Mexico’s ‘tianguis’, which is a Mexican style flea market, except that vendors sell mostly new items. When it opened in 2000, Jaime Miranda, the marketplace’s creator, initially wanted to provide folks with a way to integrate into the American lifestyle and also enjoy and share their own cultural traditions. But he knew that people were interested in starting their own businesses as well. Today, the marketplace creates entrepreneurial opportunities for immigrants of all nationalities. The number of vendors has grown from 10 to 80, now drawing more than 2,000 customers every weekend throughout the year. A visit to M&M can get you everything from food, music, clothing, tires and household goods, to services such as automotive or computer repair. We are very excited to help ‘green up’ a space that provides opportunity and community for so many people.

The Location

We trained groups to depave in Cleveland, OH and Nashville, TN this year, and yet this will be our first project in our own Washington County. Hillsboro has a great deal of pavement and we are happy to get our hands on some of it. We hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Hillsboro, and neighboring communities, that will generate many depaves to come. 

The Project

The finished product is going to be awesome. We will  be removing pavement and gravel to make way for trees, native plant gardens, a rain garden, murals, and a permeable patio. These components will serve to not only improve water quality, but make the marketplace a fun and inviting place for vendors and customers alike. Major funding comes from Metro and Clear Water Services. We still have a small funding gap in the project. Help us out by donating to our “Make M&M Marketplace Depave Happen” crowd fund through October 14.

Don’t miss out on one of our coolest projects yet. Join us for some awesome urban re-greening and community building.

Sign up here to attend the community celebration on October 7th!


Jaime Miranda and Eric Rosewell at M&M Marketplace

M&M Marketplace is a hub of commerce for the Hispanic community in Hillsboro with everything from food, music, clothing, tires and household goods, to services such as automotive or computer repair.