Advocacy & Partnerships Committee


The Depave Policy Committee works within the Portland metropolitan region to influence pavement and related green infrastructure policy. The committee leverages Depave’s community relationships and works in partnership with regional policy groups (like the Coalition for a Livable Future and The Intertwine Alliance) to promote strategic initiatives that:

  • limit the proliferation of new impervious surfaces,
  • promote the creative re-use of under-utilized parking lots,
  • create/maintain incentives for re-greening and stormwater reduction, and
  • foster community awareness and engagement in watershed stewardship.


To change city and county policies and practices to stop/limit new paving, re-green existing paved areas, and promote dense, mixed-use (re)development served by multimodal transportation that reduces auto-dependency and the proliferation of impervious surfaces.

2012 Accomplishments

In 2012, the Depave’s new policy committee reached out to community partners and learned about opportunities for policy engagement on a range of fronts. Depave became a formal member of the Coalition for a Livable Future and The Intertwine Alliance, we conducted a series of policy-related interviews, and engaged on several immediate policy issues including:

  • support for the City of Portland’s revised Watershed Management Plan,
  • review and support for the City of Portland’s urban food zoning update,
  • participation in the City of Portland’s November 2012 parking policy forum, and
  • participation in the PPS long-range facility planning process.

We also circulated a short survey to past City of Portland CWSP grant recipients on the challenges of implementing re-greening projects, and reached out to PPS facilities and asset management staff to improve our working relationship with this key partner.

2013 Accomplishments

  • Restored Funding to the Community Watershed Stewardship Program (& other Green Infrastructure Budget Items)!
  • Unimproved Streets forums and potential 2014 pilots (Portland Bureau of Transportation )
  • Comments on the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan Update
  • Strategic Planning for Grey-to-Green 2.0

2014 Accomplishments

  • Helped defeat the City of Portland Water-Sewer District Initiative!
  • Participated in PBOT Unimproved Streets forums
  • Strategic Planning for Grey-to-Green 2.0

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