Know of the perfect place to depave?

Depave is continually seeking new partnerships with schools, religious institutions, businesses, and other community-based organization in underserved neighborhoods and areas in need of greenspace. We primarily facilitate projects in the Portland area, but will consider exciting projects around the Portland-Vancouver metro area.

Site Hosts are critical to making a Depave event and a regreened site a success

We only work with site hosts where strong community engagement, a post-depaving vision, and a solid stewardship plan for the future greenspace exists. Site Hosts (you) help link Depave to the local community that will offer stewardship to a site over the long-term. In the short-term, Site Hosts provide Depave with a link to this community and help Depave plan a successful event. For more on what a partnership with Depave looks like for a Site Host, please review our Statement of Expectations to the right.

Please understand that it takes time to bring your vision to reality. Depave is largely coordinated by volunteers who care about the earth and love ripping up asphalt. As such, we are only able to host/assist with up approximately half a dozen depaving events per season. An ideal time frame to begin planning your depave is at least 9 months in advance of your target depave date. For projects that require funding, planning, permitting, and/or implementation assistance from Depave, contact us at least a year in advance.

Project partners are asked to contribute a meaningful amount of funding to assist in implementing their project

Many project partners are able to raise thousands of dollars by applying for grants, seeking donated materials from local businesses, holding a fundraiser/dinner, or through an online crowd-sourcing platform.

The first step is to fill out our Site Assessment Form below.

This will provide us with some basic information about your project in order to determine how Depave can help you achieve your vision.

Depave is always accepting proposals for project development, design, fundraising, and event production assistance.

Projects typically take 12-18 months to fund and implement. Please submit requests for assistance early on in your planning phase, even if you are unsure of the trajectory; we are here to help.

If you are seeking limited support, such as a tool loan or process consultation, please email us.

Important Notes

  • If your project is on the property of Portland Public Schools, please complete a Project Development Request form before submitting your proposal to Depave.
  • We work nearly exclusively to remove asphalt with volunteers and do not typically consider proposals involving large expanses of concrete.
  • Depave has a soil testing policy. This requires $300-$400 from project partners to perform (post-selection) in order to move forward with planning the project. Check out the documents to the right.

You can fill out the form here if the form below isn’t working on your browser.

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Check out our Partnership Documents

Review our

Statement of Expectations for Site Hosts

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Project Process

Review our

Soil Testing Policy & Recomendations