Throughout the past 10 years, partners across the region have welcomed Depave into their vibrant communities with open arms. We at Depave are incredibly thankful for these opportunities to bring people together and transform lifeless places into community greenspaces through collaboration, hard work, and unity.

Our work would not be possible without our community partners, who represent many kinds of diversity — socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, race, ethnicity — and are woven together by the desire to make our world more green, livable, and resilient to the impacts of climate change and blight. Therefore, we stand against executive orders that close our borders to refugees and immigrants from ANY country, and irrational governance that harms the integrity of the scientific community and the dignity of the world’s citizens.

To our partners – past, present and future – who are impacted by recent events, know that we stand (and march) with you for the ideals our country was founded on. May our neighborhoods, and our country once again, be a beacon of hope for those who need us the most.