We’re always looking for great candidate sites to depave and regreen in the Portland Metro area.

Depave projects typically take about a year to plan, fund and implement, and we are currently seeking sites for the 2016 or 2017 summer-fall depaving season.

Project proposals don’t need to be fully formulated at this early stage, we’ll help you develop your vision further. Our 2016 depaving schedule is filling up fast, so please contact us as early as possible to inquire about assistance this year.

If you know of a place badly in need of more greenspace, and you have approval/interest to depave from the property owner, please tell us about your vision for the space.

Click here to learn more and submit your site!

Please note: We work with a variety of groups – such as public and private schools, communities of faith, and community-based businesses and nonprofit organizations to remove pavement and create new greenspaces that will benefit the neighborhood as a whole. We aren’t able to perform improvements to residential properties, but are very interested in apartment complexes.

Don’t have a project proposal, but want to see more green in your neighborhood?
Suggest a project location, and we’ll look into it.