I’ve been looking forward to Transformation all year! There are lots of reasons to look forward to Depave’s Second Annual Transformation Fundraising Party.

#1: Take a breather from the real world.

Connect with new and old faces. Rejoice in spending time with people who share your values and perspectives.

#2: It’s a win-win deal.

We have thousands of dollars worth of prizes we’ll be auctioning off via live and silent auctions. By generously supporting Depave, you get to go take home prizes that help you go to cool places, have adventures, relax, and enjoy excellent food and drink.

#3: A $35 Advance Ticket gets you:

    • Entry
    • Delicious taco bar, plus churros and cake for dessert
    • Access to participate in live and silent auctions
    • Tunes by DJ Depave
    • Depave game card
    • A free beer
    • A fun time

#4: Haven’t been able to volunteer lately?

We understand, life happens. Make it up to us by joining us for our biggest fundraising party of the year…show us you care!

#5: Because we are Depave!

Depave transforms spaces by collaborating with communities to rip up pavement and create greenspace. Our projects contribute to health, happiness, and vibrancy. We reconnect urban landscapes to nature through action-oriented projects, education, advocacy and stewardship. We envision livable cities where people and wildlife coexist and prosper amidst clean air, clean water, robust urban forests, thriving local agriculture, and engaged communities.  

Hope to see you on April 12! Get your reduced price Advance Tickets here.

-Jean Sung,
Depave Board Member