7th and Sandy Green Street Project

A greenstreet project in the Central Eastside District of Portland.

About the Project

This project will combine traffic calming, placemaking, and green infrastructure at an over-paved intersection at SE 7th, Sandy Boulevard, and Washington St., in the Central Eastside District of Portland. The goal of the SE 7th and Sandy Green Street project is to bring together a diverse group of project stakeholders, including local business/property owners, community non-profits, design professionals, and City staff to develop a comprehensive intersection design that manages stormwater, improves the pedestrian and bicycle connections, and enhances the aesthetics of the streetscape.

Physical Context

The intersection of SE 7th Avenue, SE Sandy Boulevard, and SE Washington Street is located at a depression in the landscape that drains with surrounding storm inlets connected to the City’s combined sewer system. 

Potential Design Options: