Project Funders


East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

A unit of local government serving Multnomah County East of the Willamette River – works toward toward keeping water clean, conserving water and keeping soil healthy. The EMSWCD provides a variety of programs and services to urban and rural residents and businesses including naturescaping and rain garden workshops, invasive species efforts, and an annual native plant sale. EMSWCD’s Partners In Conservation grant has been instrumental in helping Depave get off the ground – by providing funding for most of Depave’s early projects and with strong ongoing support.


West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Offering a wide array of services to residents and businesses west of the Willamette River such as assistance to landowners for developing Conservation Plans for their properties to help improve watershed health. WMSWCD has provided funding for a variety of greenspaces including the Vermont Hills Community Garden, Capitol Hill Elementary School playground, Hayurst School Garden, Metrolitan Learning Center, Opal School and other through its grant programs.


Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

The Community Watershed Stewardship Program engages Portlanders in enhancing the health of our watersheds while promoting public awareness of our connection to these natural systems. CWSP offers funding for community projects, help with project planning, and assist in connecting community groups with resources for their projects. The Bureau has funded numerous parking lot stormwater retrofit projects implemented by Depave since beginning in 2008, and was instrumental in the organization’s first project at Fargo Forest Garden.



Nature in Neighborhoods grant program


Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District

Helping citizens conserve the vital natural resources that support and drive communities and economies in Clackamas County, the District provides technical and financial support to conserve and use resources sustainably today and for future generations. CCSWCD helped Depave begin project work in the county through funding for outdoor classrooms at the Eastham Community Center and the Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Justice Small Grants


Oregon City — Metro Enhancement Committee


Community Partners


AWS Elemental

Elemental Technologies Community Investment Fund


Portland Public Schools

Depave owes much of the success in proving our unique model of urban transformation through community empowerment to the projects implemented at schools within the Portland Public School district — including: Creative Science School, Vestal Elementary, Capitol Hill Elementary, James John Elementary, Chief Joseph Elementary, Hayhurst Elementary, Arleta SchoolLewis Elementary, Creston School, Lent School, Metro Learning Center, King School, Peninsula School, Sabin School, and others.

The Portland Parks & Recreation Community Gardens Program

This program has provided gardening opportunities for the physical and social benefit of the people and neighborhoods of Portland since 1975. There are 35 community gardens located throughout the city, developed and operated by volunteers and PP&R staff, offering a variety of activities. Depave works with PP&R on an ongoing basis to develop appropriate sites such as Vestal Community Garden and Vermont Hills Community Garden.

The Friends of Portland Community Gardens

A volunteer nonprofit organization working primarily with Portland Parks and Recreation, is dedicated to the improvement, advocacy and expansion of local community gardening through fundraising, securing land, and organizing educational activities and events. This group has been instrumental in gathering local support for Depave projects.