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Want to free your soil? We can help!

Depave has over a decade of experience developing volunteer-driven neighborhood projects. Our unique model for community engagement in re-greening is recognized across the world as the leading effort of its kind.

Many environmental groups consider pavement a barrier to restoration projects due to the costly nature of traditional removal methods, but depaving can be an economical opportunity to foster community engagement, stewardship, and placemaking.

We’re excited to share our knowledge and expertise with groups across the county. As a member in the Depave Network, you’ll join the growing ranks of other community oriented environmental groups performing awesome and inspiring urban improvements through cutting-edge tactical urbanism. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with a network of members in order to strengthen depaving in your city.

Depave Consulting & Training Services

Developing a sustainable depaving program is an involved process. The training, guidance, and resources we provide will help you succeed in your goals for depaving. Our experienced staff can help guide your organization through the following:

  • Planning and developing depaving projects
  • Hosting safe, rewarding, and fun volunteer events
  • Executing the technical details of pavement removal
  • Training your team of depaving crew leaders
  • Performing site analysis, project visioning, design documentation, budgeting, permitting, and more

To effectively train Network Members we offer three webinars followed by one on-site training, typically at a Member-area pilot location. We draw on our experience from over 60 depavings in Greater Portland, Oregon to teach participants the key elements of a successful program and how to plan and implement depaving projects.

Network Workshop GCC 2012

Green Communities Canada was our first Network partner. We provided web-based and on-site training in 2012 to help them develop their Depave Paradise program. Since then, GCC has gone on to support many depaving efforts with its partners across the province. Above, Depave co-creator Ted Labbe showing the new crew how to kick asphalt.

Have you already picked up the pry bar? We’d love to connect with you to learn about your efforts.


Seattle-area organizations Stewardship Partners, Pierce Conservation District, and Sustainable Seattle joined forces with us to create their Depave Puget Sound program in 2014. Above, program leaders learn the nuts and bolts of ripping it up and regreening.